25 Pet-Friendly Hotels and Cabins in Banff

Banff is a great place to take your pet for a getaway, and luckily there are plenty of places in Banff to choose from.

But, with so many options available it can be overwhelming to figure out which one will suit you and your dog (or cat) best.

As someone who frequently spends weekends and breaks in Banff with my own dog, I know firsthand how important it is to find a good pet-friendly place to stay with your pet, and I’ve tried and tested many of Banff’s pet-friendly accommodations over the years.

So I’ve put together the following list of 25 pet-friendly hotels and cabins in Banff and what they provide for your furry companion to make your search easier.

Husky eating Banff biscuit in pet-friendly Banff
Our rescue dog, Luna in Banff

Written by Lou

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Pet-friendly hotels in Banff

Banff is an ideal destination to bring your dog when you want to explore the Rocky Mountains.

We bring our husky, Luna with us every time we come to Banff and she either stays at the local dog kennel or with us in one of the pet-friendly hotels listed below:

1. Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

Location: 405 Spray Ave, Banff, AB T1L 1J4

The iconic pet-friendly Fairmont Banff hotel
The iconic pet-friendly Fairmont Banff

This historic hotel is very pet-friendly. It offers the ultimate luxury, so if you want to pamper your pup (and yourself) then stay in one of the pet-friendly rooms for an additional charge of $50 per pet (limit of 2 dogs), per night.

Although this is more expensive than the other pet-friendly hotels in Banff, I love that $15 of this is donated to the Bow Valley SPCA.

Your dog is provided with a dog bed, a bowl with fresh water, and a dog-friendly welcome gift.

And if you want to check out some of the hotel’s amenities, such as the pools or the fitness centre, then you can use the pet-sitting service (if booked 24 hours in advance) for an additional charge.

Although Luna didn’t stay with us when we stayed here, I can definitely say that this is one of the best pet-friendly hotels in Banff.

Lobby and shops inside dog-friendly Banff Fairmont Springs Hotel
Lobby and shops area inside Banff Fairmont Springs Hotel

We’ve taken Luna here for a walk around the lobby area several times and there are always other people with their dogs doing the same thing.

Leashed dogs are also welcome on any of the outside patios.

2. Rimrock Resort Hotel

Location: 300 Mountain Ave, Banff, AB T1L 1J2

View from one of the rooms at the dog-friendly Rimrock Hotel, Banff
View from one of the rooms at the Rimrock Hotel, Banff

Another luxury pet-friendly hotel that offers dog-friendly rooms on level 7.

The pet fee is $40 for one dog per day.

A maximum of two dogs per room are allowed, with an additional charge of $20 per day for the second dog.

A dog bed, food and water bowls, dog biscuit, and poop bags are provided.

Although our dog didn’t stay here with us, this is a great hotel to stay in, and I would say one of the best dog-friendly hotels in Banff.

The Rimrock doesn’t offer a pet-sitting service but hopefully, that won’t stop you from enjoying the indoor pool and eating at the fantastic Eden Restaurant.

3. The Juniper Hotel & Bistro

Location: 1 Juniper Way, Banff, AB T1L 1E1

Dog-friendly rooms are on the ground floor with an additional charge of $25 per night.

You and your pup will love the spectacular views and surroundings and you’re just a short drive from downtown Banff.

Your dog is also welcome to join you on the outside pet-friendly patio area if you’re dining at the hotel’s very popular bistro.

4. Fox Hotel + Suites

Location: 461 Banff Avenue, Banff, T1L 1H8 

This gorgeous hotel offers comfortable suites, perfect when traveling with your pet.

They provide a dog bed, water and food bowls, a take-home toy, and treats for an additional $25 per night, per pet.

If you don’t want to go too far to eat out, then you and your dog can sit outside on the pet friendly patio area at Chili’s Grill + Bar downstairs.

5. Hidden Ridge Resort

Location: 901 Hidden Ridge Way, Banff, AB T1L 1H8

Located just minutes from downtown Banff, this hotel offers pet-friendly rooms with stunning views for an additional $25 a night.

Your dog or cat is provided with a pet bed, bowls, a toy, and treats.

6. Tunnel Mountain Resort

Location: 502 Tunnel Mountain Rd, Banff, AB T1L 1H8

our husky on the outside  patio at pet-friendly Tunnel Mountain Resort
Outside patio at one of the cabins at Tunnel Mountain Resort perfect for your dog

We’ve stayed here a lot, and our dog loves it because she gets to run up and down the stairs in the cabins and stand outside on the small patio area watching the deer!

As with many other hotels run by The Banff Lodging Company, the fee is $25 per night, and your pet gets a toy which is a small rope, a treat, a pet bed, and bowls.

We’ve found they are not always provided, but a quick call to reception sorts it out.

The superior rooms, loft rooms, and mountain cabins are all pet-friendly, but the kids loft rooms and standard rooms are not.

In my opinion, this is one of the best pet-friendly places in Banff to stay if you want to be just outside of the town and you need somewhere that has more space than a hotel room.

The condos and cabins are a good size and feature a kitchen area and wood-burning fireplace, so they’re ideal if you’re staying with family or friends.

There are also lots of great areas and trails close by to walk your dog, such as the meadow opposite Buffalo Mountain Lodge.

7. Buffalo Mountain Lodge.

Location: 700 Tunnel Mountain Rd, Banff, AB T1L 1B3

Buffalo Mountain Lodge pet-friendly hotel
Buffalo Mountain Lodge pet-friendly hotel

Across the road from the Tunnel Mountain Resort that I mentioned above is this lovely dog-friendly hotel.

The rooms are rustic and have a wood-burning fireplace, which makes it so cozy in the winter.

There are a limited number of pet-friendly rooms in each room type, but if you can get one, take it from me, it’s certainly worth it.

This is also one of Banff’s best pet-friendly hotels to stay, especially if you want to be on the edge of town.

There is a maximum of two pets per room, and you have to bring a pet bed and food and water bowls.

Your pet can be left unattended in its crate if you want to dine at the restaurant or go to the bar. There is a fee of $25 per pet, per night.

8. Banff Rocky Mountain Resort

Location: 1029 Banff Ave, Banff, AB T1L 1H8

pet-friendly hotel Banff Rocky Mountain Resort
Banff Rocky Mountain Resort

This rustic resort is perfect to explore the outdoors with your furry friend.

It’s owned by the same company as Tunnel Mountain Resort, so there’s a $25 fee for the night, which includes a pet bed, bowls, toy, and treat.

The loft suites are the only ones that are not pet-friendly here.

We’ve stayed in a pet-friendly room here and recommend it, especially as there’s so much woodland outside for a good dog walk. 

9. Douglas Fir

Location: 525 Tunnel Mountain Rd, Banff, AB T1L 1B2

The family-friendly resort is just outside the town of Banff.

Although they keep the majority of the rooms dog-free, you can still book a pet-friendly room for a fee of $25 per dog, per night, for up to two dogs.

Your dog gets food and water bowls provided, but no pet bed. 

10. Hillside Bungalows

Location: 452 Muskrat St, Banff

Situated close to the heart of the town are these two rustic, pet-friendly cabins that you can rent for an additional $20 per night, per pet.

11. Canalta Lodge

Location: 545 Banff Ave #1B5, Banff

The hotel’s standard rooms are pet-friendly and have an additional fee of $25 per night, per pet.

12. Banff Caribou Lodge and Spa

Location: 521 Banff Ave, Banff

Another Banff Lodging Co. hotel with a $25 fee per night for your pet.

The standard rooms with two beds and the superior rooms with two beds are pet-friendly.

We stayed here with our dog, and she got a pet bed, food and water bowls, and a little treat.

13. Banff Aspen Lodge

Location: 401 Banff Ave, Banff

Pet-friendly Banff Aspen Lodge and Whitbark Cafe
Pet-friendly Banff Aspen Lodge Hotel with outside pet friendly patio at Whitebark Cafe

We liked our stay here and found the staff go out of their way to be helpful.

There are pet-friendly rooms at an additional $25 per night, per pet, and your pet has a bed and dishes provided.

You also get a free breakfast included, which is not common in Banff and this alone makes the hotel worth staying in.

You can take your breakfast and coffee outside and sit at the heated patio area at the Whitebark Cafe with your dog.

This hotel is a great place to stay with your pet, and it’s steps away from the downtown area.

14. Elk + Avenue Hotel

Location: 333 Banff Ave, Banff

The standard two queen rooms and the standard one king room are pet-friendly, with a maximum of 2 pets per room at $25 per pet, per room, per night.

If you want to be in downtown Banff, this is the best pet-friendly hotel to stay in that I’ve found.

The rooms in this hotel are bigger than in most of the other hotels, and our dog definitely approved of the space as she could spread out and walk around.

She could also easily look out of the window at the dogs walking by.

15. Best Western Plus Siding 29 Lodge

Location: 453 Marten St, Banff

Pets can be accommodated as long as pet-friendly rooms are available.

Up to two dogs, each weighing a maximum of 36 kg (80 lbs), are allowed per room. Other pets, such as cats and birds, are allowed but at the hotel’s discretion.

A fee of $15 is charged per day, up to a maximum of $100 for one week.

16. High Country Inn

Location: 419 Banff Ave, Banff

Pet-friendly rooms are on the 1st floor of the west wing and are available only in the two queen-sized bedrooms. Only dogs are allowed at $20 per night, per dog.

17. Banff Ptarmigan Inn

Location: 337 Banff Ave, Banff

A Banff Lodging Co. hotel, so again, the fee is $25 per night, per pet. A pet bed, bowls, a toy, and a treat are provided.

18. Moose Hotel & Suites

Location: 345 Banff Ave, Banff

A Banff Lodging Co hotel, so the fee is $25 per night, per pet, with a pet bed, bowls, toy, and treat.

This hotel is one of the newer, pet-friendly Banff hotels, and it has everything you need after a day out exploring with your dog.

You get to use the indoor pool, exercise room, sauna, and to top it off, two rooftop hot pools with the most amazing mountain views.

19. The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

Location: 111 Lake Louise Drive, Lake Louise, Alberta T0L 1E0

A fee of $85 per night ($15.00 per pet will be donated to the local Bow Valley SPCA) to a maximum of $450 for six nights or more can have your pup staying in luxury.

This is by far the most expensive in the whole of Banff NP. 

A pet bed, bowls, poop bags, and treats can be provided, and a pet-sitting service can also be arranged as long as you give 24 hours notice.

20. The Dorothy Motel

Location: 250 Marmot Crescent, Banff 

This budget-friendly hotel is part of the Banff Lodging Co. chain, so the fee is $25 per night, per pet.

Your pet will get a pet bed, food and water bowls, a pet toy, and a treat.

This is a great place to stay with your dog as it’s so close to the downtown area.

21. Red Carpet Inn

Location: 425 Banff Ave, Banff

pet-friendly Red Carpet Inn, Banff

There is a selection of standard rooms that are pet-friendly. As part of the Banff Lodging Co. chain, they charge the same fee of $25 per pet, per night.

They are supposed to provide a pet bed, water and food bowls, a take-home toy, and treats, but none of these were provided during our stay.

22. Irwin’s Mountain Inn

Location: 429 Banff Ave, Banff

Another Banff Lodging Co. hotel so you can expect that Irwin’s is also pet-friendly and has the same $25 per pet, per night fee, with access to a pet bed, bowls, a toy, and a treat.

Banff pet-friendly cabins

23. Castle Mountain Chalets

Location: Banff-Windermere Hwy, Improvement District No. 9

A 30-minute drive from Banff and halfway to Lake Louise are these 22 chalets, with 90% of them being dog friendly.

A pet bed or mat, bowls, treat, and poop bags are provided.

There is a $25.00 fee per pet, per night, with a maximum of 2 dogs per unit allowed. The Mountain View Suites are not pet-friendly.

24. Baker Creek Mountain Resort

Location: Bow Valley Pkwy, Lake Louise

Located between Banff and Lake Louise, this out-of-the-way resort has pet-friendly cabins for $40 for the first pet and $20 for the second, per night.

Due to its location in bear country, it’s important to always have your dog on a leash when staying here.

25. Johnston Canyon Lodge & Bungalows

Location: 1A Bow Valley Parkway, Banff National Park

Just 30 minutes west of Banff on the Bow Valley Parkway and close to the Johnston Canyon trailhead leading to the falls, you can stay here with your pet for an extra $25 per night.

You must bring your own bed for your dog.

Tunnel Mountain Resort – I mentioned this above as it has both pet-friendly condos and cabins.

Dog-friendly camping in Banff National Park

In addition to pet-friendly hotels, you can also take your dog camping with you in Banff.

The Parks Canada campsites in Banff National Park allow dogs (except in backcountry campsites) as long as they are kept on a non-retractable leash that is no longer than 3 meters (10 feet) and are under control the entire time.

Following these rules is extremely important, as it ensures not only your dog’s safety but also the safety of any wild animals they may encounter.

Tips for booking pet-friendly accommodation in Banff

  • Pets MUST be booked at the time of reservation, and if booking via a 3rd-party website such as Booking.com, let the hotel know directly that a pet-friendly room is needed.
  • Book as far in advance as possible as most hotels only have a few pet-friendly rooms available and they soon book up.
  • It’s also a good idea to check exactly what is provided for your pet, as we’ve found a couple of times that even though we’ve booked a pet-friendly room, there hasn’t been anything provided for our dog.
    You might want to check out my pet services in Banff page, so you know where to go if you need anything.
  • Pet charges: most hotels will hold a $250 deposit which is returned to your credit card, provided that no damage or extra cleaning was necessary due to your dog (or cat).
  • Pets are not to be left unattended or allowed on the furniture.
  • It’s the law in Alberta that pets must always be on a leash.
  • Service dogs are exempt from pet fees (check with the hotel to clarify) as long as you have the necessary papers for verification.


Banff’s pet-friendly hotels

Dogs in Banff are very welcome! I hope this guide has given you a good overview of just how dog-friendly Banff is.

Whether you’re just visiting for the weekend or staying for a longer period of time, Banff is an ideal destination to bring your four-legged friend to.

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